When you buy a old house, stone house ruins, or a ready to live house but looking dead, sometimes you can’t see the potencial of it. Reabilitek can help you find the best version off your house.

You can do it without a project, without change the look of the exterior, or you can do a project with our architechts and engineers, and do a tottally different building, using the history off the old house and updgrade it with contemporany architecture. Without project, changing the wall coverings and adding some new materials or structs, can get you a contemporany and beautiful house too!


Reabilitek do all-in-on, we can do the project, the house rebuild /renovation, using ecofriendly construtions system (glulam wood), where you can get a strong and flexible structure that can handle big earthquakes, all this with the same longevity as concrete.  We do de arch, we do de interior planning and design, and we do all de furniture design, the kitchen you will get my brand, TEKITCHEN quality seal.

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Working in Faro, Porto and Braga.

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.


Preserving the history of the house, turning it into a contemporany house: